GeoPark Carnic Alps

GeoPark Carnic Alps

Since the beginning of the 19th century geoscientists have been travelling from all over the world to explore the Carnic Region. There is no other area in the Alps that has a higher amount of Palaeozoic remnants. Natural wonders include amazing geological formations with visible fossils, idyllic mountain lakes, mysterious gorges and thundering waterfalls. 

Geologically guided hikes give an insight in the fascinating natural monuments of the Geopark and the 500 million year history of the Earth.

Visitor centre

The visitor centre displays a range of fossils and rocks and demonstrates the 500 Million years of Earth’s history through interactive animations and movies. The centre is a valuable information point for hikers, tourists and the geologically interested to attain information for geo-hikes as well as guided tours, maps and up-coming events.


The visitor centre offers regular talks on geological topics. More information is available on the Geo-Park website or via their newsletter.


GeoPark Karnische Alpen
Visitor Centre
9635 Dellach/Gail 65 (town square)

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Adventure Geo-trails

A riddle has been added to the Geotrails Zollner, Garnitzenklamm and Laas to make the Geotrail experience even more fun and exciting for everyone! Whoever solves the riddle receives a reward at the visitor centre in Dellach/Gail.

Geo-trail Plöcken
Geo-trail Plöckenpass offers a nested form of the history of the universe and solar system. The world-famous avalanche trench on the mountain Cellon displays rocks of the aeon Ordoviz and Silur within a range of about 60 m. No other place in Europe offers a similar display with such clear sequence.

Geo-trail Zollnersee
It is difficult to imagine any other alpine area in the Carnic Alps as beautiful and diverse as the area around Zollner Höhe. The lake Zollner See, wet areas, moors, rock fans, soft hills and cliffy mountains are distinctive to this area. All of the aforementioned are results of the combination of rock consistencies, glacial terrain, climate and weathering. During medieval times the area was cleared to create alpine pastures. In fact, the first references to the Zollner Alm date back to 1444. Zollner Alm remains an important area to display the geological assembly of the Carnic Alps.

Visitors Centre Dellach im Gailtal