Dellach im Gailtal (c) Gerald Köstl
Willkommen to Dellach im Gailtal

General Information

Situated in the upper part of Gailtal is the small town Dellach. The town offers beautiful views of the Carnic Alps, Lesachtal and way beyond Nassfeld.

Despite of only 1200 people living in this town - Dellach is culturally and historically an important area for this valley. Find celtic excavations on the Gurina above Dellach or visit the GeoPark Karnische Alpen - a geological museum on the town hall of Dellach.

In cooperation with Kötschach-Mauthen and Oberdrauburg the annual event Via Iulia Augusta brings high talented musicians in the area for events with first class cultural value.

Tip: St. Daniel is home to the Gasthof Grünwald and the Biohotel Daberer, two of the protagonists of the world's first Slow Food Travel Region.

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All along the KHW hikers will be confronted with the vast density of geological findings in this area. Pick up your own fossils on the way between Wolayer See and Nassfeld and find all information and details in the museum at GeoPark Dellach.

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UNESCO GeoPark Karnische Alpen
9635 Dellach/Gail 65 (Ortszentrum)

T. +43 (0) 4718 / 301- 17 oder 
T. +43 (0) 4718 / 301- 22 oder
T. +43 (0) 4718 / 301- 33
Major: Johannes Lenzhofer
Tel.: +43 (0) 4718-301
Address: Dellach 65, 9635 Dellach im Gailtal
Opening Times: Mo bis Fr von 8:00 bis 12:00 Uhr
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