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The name Lesachtal originates from slavic settlers with the slavic word lesach translating to forest. The prominent valley still displays originality and is a prime example for tourism off the beaten track. Traditional festivals with oompa music, traditional garments and the hearty locals is an experience not to miss. Well known also in the area is the catholic pilgrimage town of Maria Luggau with its historical church and monestry.

Lesachtal is the name of the part of the valley with the river Gail between Maria Luggau and Kötschach-Mauthen.

KHW 403

Hochweißsteinhaus (from St. Lorenzen) and Wolayersee-Hütte (from Birnbaum/Nostra) are situated along the Lesachtaler part of the Karnischen Höhenwegs. Popular peaks along the KHW in this area are Mt. Peralba/Hochweißstein (2.693 m), Raudenspitze (2.507 m), Torkarspitze (2.513 m), Zwölferspitze (2.593 m) Mt. Avanza (2.481 m) and Mt. Chiadenis (2.490 m) .
Major: Johann Windbichler
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